Delaware Secretary of State Business Search

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Delaware secretary of state business search

Make sure your chosen business name is available before launching a company in Delaware. It is simple to enter possible names and discover what companies are already registered because the Delaware Secretary of State Business Search government maintains a database of those corporations. Since Delaware is a popular state for business registration (more than 180,000 were established there in 2020), it’s critical to exercise quick thinking and creativity while selecting a name for your company.
Discover how to locate a Delaware business entity fast by using the Delaware business entity search. Limited partnerships, corporations, LLCs, and other structures are available.

What Is a Business Entity?

The way your business is registered and organized is called a business entity. You can formally begin conducting business in Delaware by registering as an LLC or corporation, and the state will legally acknowledge your company as a distinct entity.

What Is an LLC?

The acronym for a limited liability company is LLC. Unlike a sole proprietorship, creating an LLC enables you to keep your personal and business debts apart. It is also simpler to keep track of business spending for tax purposes if your company is set up as an LLC. Your LLC must be registered for a nominal charge.
Professional LLC services are available to assist you with this process if you lack the time to finish the papers.

Setting Up an LLC in Delaware

Due to Delaware’s lack of sales tax, forming an LLC there is a highly common choice. Once you’ve decided on a business name, you must submit the necessary documents to the state along with a $75 filing fee.
In Delaware, an LLC also needs a registered agent to accept paperwork on your company’s behalf. All that is vital for the registered agent is that they have a Delaware address and be accessible at all business establishments. If you are able to fulfill this commitment, you can serve as the registered agent. You can employ a registered agent service if that’s more your style.

Search by Name

Once you’ve decided on a name for your company, you must search Delaware business entities to see if the name is already taken. To make sure no other company has registered that name with the Delaware Division of Corporations, it is crucial to conduct a search using that precise name.
In order to make sure that nothing is too close to the name you have in mind for your company, you might also want to attempt a few modifications.

LLC Naming Convention

In Delaware, an LLC must be incorporated using the term LLC, L.L.C., or Limited Liability Company. To prevent confusion, it cannot resemble an existing firm too much. Additionally, unless the LLC is legally recognized as a bank by the state, its business name may not contain terms that are synonymous with any state or federal institution, nor may it contain the terms “bank” or “corporation.”

Search by File Number

When a business is registered with the state of Delaware, they are also assigned an official file number. If you want to find out what official information firms have on file with the state, you can use the search option to search them up by file number.

Bottom Line

A business receives an official file number upon registration with the state of Delaware. Use the search function to look for official information firms have on file with the state by file number if that’s what you’d like to know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is information about Delaware LLC available to the public?

In the state register, the name, file number, address, and phone number are all publicly available.

How can I find out if a business is Delaware-registered?

You can look for a business by its formal name in the Department of State’s Division of Corporations database if you believe it is registered in Delaware, even if it doesn’t operate there. It ought to be locatable as it has to be registered with the state. If you don’t see it the first time, try a couple of different approaches.

What is the price to register an LLC in Delaware? What is the price to register an LLC in Delaware?

Delaware charges $200 for the completion of a certificate of registration and $90 for domestic organizations filing a certificate of formation.

Does Delaware require my LLC to make an annual report and pay franchise taxes?

Delaware LLCs are exempt from filing an annual report and franchise tax obligations. Alternatively, LLCs must pay a $300 yearly tax known as the Alternative Entity Tax.

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