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delaware secretary of state business search

Delaware came in at number 45 in the third quarter of 2023 for economic growth. Just 3.2% of the state’s GDP grew, which isn’t much when you consider that Kansas, the top state, saw a GDP rise of 9.7%.
However, don’t discount Delaware just yet. The big rise is encouraging because the state’s GDP grew by -8.3% in the first quarter. Because of this, it’s an excellent site to launch a business.
But don’t jump straight to business registration. To be safe, run a Delaware company entity search. This is how you do that.

What Is a Business Entity?

The way your business is registered and organized is called a business entity. You can formally begin conducting business in Delaware by registering as an LLC or corporation, and the state will legally acknowledge your company as a distinct entity.

What Is an LLC?

The acronym for a limited liability company is LLC. Unlike a sole proprietorship, creating an LLC enables you to keep your personal and business debts apart. It is also simpler to keep track of business spending for tax purposes if your company is set up as an LLC. Your LLC must be registered for a nominal charge.
Professional LLC services are available to assist you with this process if you lack the time to finish the papers.

Setting Up an LLC in Delaware

Due to Delaware’s lack of sales tax, forming an LLC there is a highly common choice. Once you’ve decided on a business name, you must submit the necessary documents to the state along with a $75 filing fee.
In Delaware, an LLC also needs a registered agent to accept paperwork on your company’s behalf. All that is required of the registered agent is that they have a Delaware address and be accessible at all business establishments. If you are able to fulfill this commitment, you can serve as the registered agent. You can employ a registered agent service if that’s more your style.

Search by Name

Once you’ve decided on a name for your company, you must search Delaware business entities to see if the name is already taken. To make sure no other company has registered that name with the Delaware Division of Corporations, it is crucial to conduct a search using that precise name.
In order to make sure that nothing is too close to the name you have in mind for your company, you might also want to attempt a few modifications.

LLC Naming Convention

A Delaware LLC must have the terms LLC, L.L.C., or Limited Liability Company in their name when it is first formed. To minimize confusion, it cannot be overly similar to an existing business. Additionally, unless it truly is a bank as defined by state law, an LLC business name cannot contain any terms that are similar to those of a state or federal institution or contain the terms “bank” or “corporation.”

Do a Delaware Typist of State Business Entity Search

Use the Delaware Division of Corporations website to conduct a state of Delaware corporate entity search. With just two search bars, the website is really easy to navigate.
The first one is “Entity name,” where you can enter the name you choose for your company. It’s fantastic that capitalization isn’t an issue because it’s not case-sensitive. Put quote marks around the name for a more precise search.
The “File number” search bar is the other. You can only accomplish this if you possess the distinct file number linked to a certain object.
If there are any results, they will be displayed in the lower section of the page after you click “Search.” The file numbers for the entities will be on the left, and on the right will be their names.

To see more details about a company, click on the name. The next page will show its:

  • File number
  • Entity name
  • Entity kind
  • Residency
  • Incorporation date/formation date
  • Entity type
  • State

It’ll also display the registered agent’s information. It shows their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

If you’d like more information about the entity, you can pay $10 to find out its status, or $20 to get more detailed information, such as its current franchise tax assessment and current filing history.

Use a Search Engine

Delaware company searches are made simple by search engines. To find out if someone has already thought of your possible business name before you, write it in next to “Delaware.” You may even search city names for extra security.
It doesn’t necessarily follow that a name is free just because you can’t find anything. On the other hand, it can help you decide whether to go on with an idea or not.

Use Our Business Name Search Tool

On the website of Business Anywhere, you may perform a DE business entity search. With our easy business registration service, you can register your company in as little as two days. Additionally, you don’t need to invest a lot of money.
You can type the name of your future firm into the search bar at the top. Choose “corporate” or “LLC,” then click “Check availability.”
You will know immediately if you are able to use the name. You can also provide us with your details, and we’ll be in touch to talk about the next steps for business registration.

Make Sure to Do a Delaware Business Entity Search

Don’t neglect the Delaware business entity search; it will inform you whether you can proceed with business creation. After all, a corporate entity search only takes a few minutes.
Avoid legal issues later on by resolving any name conflicts that may arise if your company name is too similar, or even exactly the same, as those of another. Don’t cut corners and give the procedure your full attention.


Can I reserve a name before my company is prepared to launch?

In Delaware, you can reserve a business name even if you’re not quite ready to launch your venture. Your reservation is held for 120 days if you make it through the system.

In the event that my name is taken, what happens?

The Division of Corporations has the right to reject your preferred business entity name if it is identical to another Delaware-registered corporation. This keeps things clear and guarantees that every company has a unique identity.

Can I extend my reservation for a business name?

You can request for a fresh reservation to extend the hold on your business name if you’re not ready to register your firm within the allotted 120 days.

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