How you can Buy the Best Mobile?

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how you can choose best mobile

Get your new mobile phone or an old one from a friend and if you want your mobile phone to be perfect. Keep these things in mind and check out the things mentioned in Pain Ointment.

If you are attainment a new mobile phone

If you are buying your new mobile phone. You should first know which company mobile phone you should buy and how much RAM you should buy. It doesn’t happen. You should check on the phone whether the mobile you are buying is PTA-approved and has these things in it.

Is it PTA Approve

How much is its RAM

How much is its battery condition

What is its condition must be checked

Open the mobile phone box in the store himself

It would help if you opened your mobile phone while standing at the same shop from which you bought the mobile phone and saw that there should be a charger from the company along with the mobile phone. It is taken by the company when you turn it ON. The logo of this company is appearing, for example, iPhone in Samsung OPPO, etc. If it is appearing, then the mobile belongs to the same company, then go to the settings of your mobile. Check the things written above the Box of Moblile like RAM, PTA Approve IMEI ID, etc.

dON’T Buy ROM Online Market

If you are ordering your mobile phone online then you should give one week back to the dealer you are buying it from. Take it so that if there is any problem with the phone. You can return it so that you can save it anyway and you don’t lose it because often what is shown to you online is not actual. There is a lot of difference between the real and imaginary world. I will tell you that you should always go and buy a mobile phone from a seller. So that you are satisfied and if there is any problem, You can show it to the seller.

If you are taking a mobile phone from someone

If you are buying a mobile phone from someone, who is in good condition. But if he is giving you less than the real price, then there must be some problem. You should turn off the mobile first, then turn it off. Login and see how long it is taking to log in open the app in it and see. If it is not working then check the other things. For Example:

RAM: First check the range of RAM

Battery: Check the battery to see how many days or hours the battery can last once fully charged.

Speaker: Play any music on your mobile and listen to the sound carefully and see if the speaker is not bad. I have no problem

Camera: Check the Camera of the Mobile to see what is the Zoom and if is it the Result.

Appearance at the backbone of the mobile phone

Look closely at the back of the mobile phone, if there is dust in it or the back part is torn, then understand that this mobile phone is unlocked, that is, someone has put something new in it.

Request for a mobile phone box

Ask the person from whom you are buying the mobile phone for the Mobile box. Inform him that the mobile phone isn’t stolen, then proceed to obtain a copy of his ID card and take a photo of the person so that if there’s a problem later, you’ll have some kind of proof.

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