The Biggest Update in iPhone 16 Pro Max

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Update in iPhone 16 Pro Max

The biggest change in the iPhone can be seen in 2024 as you know its release date is September which is still months away. In this article, I am going to tell you what the iPhone 16 Pro is. You can expect to see in the Mobile and what Apple is upgrading it to Update in iPhone 16 Pro Max:


Announced dateSeptember 2024(expected)
Display       6.9 inch
Camera48 MP (triple Camera) 12MP Front
Video recordingFull HD 1920*1080 (240fps)
Display       6.9 inch
HardwareA18 Pro 8GB Ram
System ChipA18 Pro (3mn)
Storage256 GB
Device typeSmartphone
Battery ChargingFast Charging, Magsafe wireless
MaterialsBack: Glass;Frame;Titanium  
KeysLeft: Volume control Other; Right: Lock /Unlock Key
Data SpeedLTE-A, HSDPA+(4G) 42.2 Mbit/s
SIM typeeSIM
SpeakersEarpiece, Multiple Speakers
USBType-C (reversible), USB 3.2
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Barometer
HeadphonesNo 3.5mm jack

Camera Changes

The first change you can see in the iPhone non-Pro model is its camera. Similar to the drawing you used to see in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 11,12 and vertical camera will be seen and Apple’s reason for giving such a camera is the video of the Vision Pro launched by Vision problem. Which is inside the 13,14, and 15 which will not be possible even though it is diagonal. Because of the vertical camera inside the iPhone 16. You can use Apple’s ProVision video app on your phone to share, and that’s the biggest reason for changing the camera setup.

Display Changes

Display Changes Many users are talking about 90 Hz to be 120HZ, so it will not happen here. Apple is going to use a 60 Hz display, but there will be an upgrade inside. Well, many users will say that 90 Hz and 120 are found inside Android. So when you compare them, it is quite useful and fast, even with 60 heads, this anti-Herz game. Works well in the iPhone 16 which is the size. In the Canon model, you get to see a display size of 6.3 and the 16 Pro Max will have a display size of 6.9. Was getting in this now in too the display will look good

Action button

What you will get to see in this update is the action button and now you will get to see the action model. Even the non-pro model iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 will get. It is because the only difference we have is the camera setup, when the camera setup changes, the flash, mic, etc are around, and other than that there are no changes.

Chips of iPhone 16 Pro Max

As we were seeing a year old thing in the 14 and 15 the biggest thing in them is the Pro chips for the pro models and the non-pro chips for the non-pro models so the 18 Pro chip is going to be in there.

Battery changes

 You will see a lot of changes in the battery in the 15 Pro Max and 16 Pro Max. The battery in the 15 Pro Max is 4422 mAh while the battery in the 16 Pro Max is 4676 mAh. So it has a bigger 400 mAh battery. You’re going to see good battery timing in the 16 because it’s got a good chipset, clearly if it’s on battery the chipset will improve.

Apple may launch 16 Ultra instead of 16 Pro, the biggest thing is that the iPhone is going to bring its WiFi Sevenwell.

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